Open source desktop text prediction, catered to you.

How EchoText Works

1. Create sources

Click on the "Add Source" menu button to open up the source addition dialog; this is where you can paste any text you have personally written in order to create a source for EchoText. Give your source a snappy name and you're good to go!

2. Use prediction to type text

Use keyboard shortcuts or click on the buttons in order to input text that has been predicted for you. The buttons are populated with text based on the content of the sources you have submitted before. The more sources - essays, blog posts, love notes - that you submit, the more accurately EchoText is able to predict what you're going to type next and beat you to it.

3. Customize EchoText!

Do you want your predictions to only reflect certain sources you've entered? Only check off "activated" in the "Sources" panel for the sources you want to help predict for you. In this same panel you can rename or delete sources, and change a few options related to EchoText. Don't worry about losing your settings and sources when you leave; EchoText saves everything as it's changed so you can pick it up right where you left off once you come back.